Monday, October 11, 2010


Well folks I got my ass handed to me in Starcraft.... again.(Damn Koreans!) But I'm getting better!.NO ONE PLAYS THE DAMN GAME ANYMORE. It's all turret defense or some other use map settings game now.

I'm going back to shooters for a while. Maybe Halo: CE, or TFC.

In other news I recently saved up enough money to buy a new computer! I even might buy Starcraft 2 A game I can win at!!! if any of you have any recommendations I would appreciate them. 

Also, thanks for all the comments on my attempt at art:

 This picture is beautiful in its utter disregard to tastefulness. I love it! 

I was trying to capture how i felt when i had my heartburn, but thanks!


  1. I've also thought about getting SCII...but, alas, 'tis too expensive.

  2. lol koreans will take the world one rts at a time

  3. I could not choose any of option in Your pool :P

  4. Great post! Supporting you! ;)